02:Our Destiny Is Already Decided

My destiny is fixed. Every day, I steadily prepared for my destiny to happen. The actions I choose were and will be the action that is next in my destiny. However, I do not know what kind of things will occur from my destiny. So it appears unpredictable and this toys with me. I felt that there was no freedom, no ability to make changes to it. So I tried to go against my destiny and change it. I wanted to overcome my destiny and be free. However, that was to deny my fixed destiny, so I was going against it many times. When I realized my true self, I came to the realization that i had to accept destiny. That the good and the bad, were and are equal parts of that destiny and will happen whether I am anxious about it or not. In knowing my true self, I became able to accept this truth. I stopped trying to change my destiny and became water in its river; now I flow wherever it goes.